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Welcome to Nettle Coding! A free, ad-less platform where I publish games that I create. Feel free to suggest new features or games and create an account to compete on public leaderboards. Any positive feedback is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

Last updated: 3rd April 2021

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What's a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored in a folder on your computer that is associated with your browser. It can hold any piece of information that you may have given to a website or that may have been collected through your use of it, but they usually just contain long, random strings of numbers or characters that are used to identify you by the website. Cookies can be used to keep you logged in, personalise your experience on a site or analyse how you use it.

Cookies are sometimes associated with tracking and fingerprinting users movements on the web. As Nettle Coding does not have any 3rd party content on it, you can rest assured that no 3rd party cookies will be created by your use of this site. This may change though if, for example, a YouTube video is embedded within the site. However, if this happens you can be sure to find up-to-date information here.

What cookies does Nettle Coding store on my device?

The cookies that the Nettle Coding site stores on a device are purely necessary cookies needed to keep the site functioning. Because of the simple nature of the site (it's brand new so hasn't yet got many features!), very few cookies are required to keep it running and, as a result, only a small amount of personal information is kept on each user. The cookies that are stored on your device are:

  1. A cookie holding your public UID. This is used to find your account on the system to update stats, join public games and render your account on public leaderboards. It cannot be used on its own to allow access to your account and could not be used by 3rd parties to compromise the security of your account.

  2. A cookie to remember your "Remember me" preferences.

  3. A cookie that contains a unique, very long string of characters. This is used to keep you logged in from page to page and anyone who has this string plus your UID can gain full access to your account. It's a bit like a password, but very difficult to guess! Of course, as it is so important, it is necessary to keep it safe. If you believe someone has obtained your login token then simply log out of your account from the profile page. To keep your account secure, this token is updated regularly (every day), in the same way that you would regularly change the passwords for the accounts you have with online services (although to be honest, who does?).

  4. A cookie that contains another very long string of characters and is used to refresh your login token when it expires.

  5. A cookie containing an id linking your browser to some storage on the server. This storage holds data that needs to be saved as you navigate from page to page. This includes things such as your current score on haunted house or how many games you have played this session.

You can find out more about cookies here:


Privacy Policy

By using the site you agree to the privacy policy.

The Privacy Policy outlines the information that is collected from you by Nettle Coding and how it is stored. When you sign up to an account, the following information is stored:

  1. Your nickname, email and password (hashed and salted) as inputted in the sign up form.

  2. A login and refresh token are generated and stored.

When you play a game, the following information is stored:

  1. Your stats for the game. Some of these stats are private, some are viewable on the leaderboard for the game.

  2. Your game may be added to a count of the total number of games played as a form of analytics to find out, for example, today's most popular game.

Your password is stored using a hash and salt. This is a type of cryptographic algorithm which scrambles data in such a way that it cannot be unscrambled. This means that your password is safe. No one at Nettle Coding can see it and if a hacker was to gain access to the stored hash it would be useless to them. However, the database that stores your data is secured with the latest security technologies to prevent such attackers from accessing the data in the first place.

If you have read this far, then thank you for using the site and taking the time to read this long, very boring wall of text. You're awesome, keep it up. 😃